Our Team!

     Opening in October of 2008, Brothers in Recovery mentoring home has been the place where founder and director Chris Flanary lives and works with recovering addicts and alcoholics. Chris believes that these men are good people with a bad problem, sick people trying to get better. He emphasizes on building a strong base of recovery that makes it possible to turn one's life around for good. There is no required length of stay at the house. The primary purpose of the center is to learn skills for the next level of  life (no matter how long it that takes!) It is a caring environment filled with hope and love! While in the program some of the things the men have access to and work on are:

  •     Spiritual Growth
  •     Structured Living
  •     Financial Responsibility
  •     Individual Mentoring
  •     Leadership Development
  •     Individual life coaching
  •     Group Interaction

•Jake Hill-Development Manager/Boardmember

•Lindsay Candy-Accounting/Bookkeeping

•Cale Finnell-House Coordinator/CCL House Manager

•Chris Flanary-Executive Director

•Michael Neuberger -CCL Asst House Manager

•Dustin Hunt-Public Relations/House Manager

•Jimmy Cox-Videographer

Brothers In Recovery is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

We are 100% supported by your donations.

Charitable organization registration number 4312469729

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     During the 3 months I spent there I met a man named Bruce Kaup who helped me forever change my life. I became a new man. I soon found that I had a new lease on life with God, my family, and my new brothers in recovery I started learning how to live life on life’s terms. 

   I would like to see brothers in recovery change lives and develop relationships. Help educate the public to understand what drug addiction truly is... Most drug addicts and alcoholics are just good people who have a bad problem.

Chris Flanary  Executive Director

     As a drug addict and alcoholic, I found myself at the mercy of methamphetamine and alcohol. My family and friends were at their wits end and didn't know what to do. We started looking for help we found a treatment center in Maud Oklahoma. I crash landed there on January 1 2007.


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